1C: Sales and Production Management 1.3 "Metalworking" Configuration

The system is intended for complex management automation and accounting in companies specializing in the field of metalworking.



The main functionalities and opportunities of the program in the industry:


  • accounting in several units of measurement
  • weight tracking
  • a complex solution for the distribution of raw materials for finished products
  • reservation system
  • scrap inventory from discharge
  • inventory of materials, goods, products
  • possibility to attach and save the required documentation
  • cost accounting and cost disbursement,
  • planning and accounting of work performed and provision of services
  • planning and accounting of production operations
  • enterprise resource load planning

In a single information base:


  • customer base
  • banking and cash operations, customer-bank, payment calendar
  • payments to contractors and staff
  • inventory of materials, goods, products
  • customer orders, orders
  • planning and accounting of the work and services to be performed
  • planning and accounting of production operations
  • enterprise resource load planning
  • trade operations, including retail trade
  • personnel accounting, payroll management accounting
  • property, capital
  • income, expenses, profit and loss
  • financial planning (budgeting), etc.


This program implements everything necessary for non-fiscal operational accounting, control, analysis and planning. The solution helps improve business efficiency by providing owners and managers with a wide range of tools for management and employee - new opportunities for productive work.


The solution is not overloaded with unnecessary functionality, it can be easily adapted to the management characteristics of organizations and accounting in the company - it provides a "quick start" option and more convenient daily work.


The program registers both already performed and planned economic operations and events. For example, commitments to customers, customer orders, order status, employee tasks, planned workload of company resources, work plans - schedules, production, sales plans and many other possibilities.


The program provides execution of practically all primary trade, warehouse and production accounting documents, as well as cash flow documents.

 A wide range of reports provides the owner, manager and employee with the opportunity to quickly obtain information - in a convenient form for work and decision-making, with the necessary efficiency and detail.

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