1C: Financial Management 8

Programmas produkts ir paredzēts risinājumu trīs ekonomiska dienesta pamatfunkciju automatizācijai (kontrole, analīze un plānošana).

The main parts of the system are:

  • management accounting;

  • budgeting;

  • economic activity analysis.


Management accounting can be integrated with the company's accounting system (automatic information exchange). Management accounting can also be done with convenient tools, such as "Payment Calendar", "Financier's Panel" and others. Information is stored in the management chart of accounts according to the "factual plan". The system allows flexible distribution of factual data in proportion to an arbitrary system of coefficients. In this way, the activity-based costing method is implemented in the program.

Budgets is formed from the future time entries of the management chart of accounts according to the planning scenarios. The number of scenarios is not limited. The budgeting mechanism is maximally automated, index planning has been implemented. There is also convenient integration with MS Excel (budgets prepared in Excel are downloaded to the system automatically).




Business analysis is possible thanks to a flexible reporting system. The analytical tools of the program are based on the "Management Report Builder". The user has the opportunity to independently model any report with the help of "Management Report Indicators". A budget-fact analysis of budget implementation is taking place here. Any data can be decrypted. The user chooses in what order and hierarchy it is necessary to decrypt the data.

MS Excel. Report export tools have been implemented in an Excel file with a formula. In this way, economists can model situations, perform deeper and more flexible analysis. It is possible to export reports to MS Excel immediately in the "Pivot table" format. Excel aggregated tables are analogous to OLAP reports.

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