"1C: Sales Management" Version 11.1 Implementation

Our company has completed the implementation of the new version 11.1 of the program "1C: Sales Management" in the client's company.


The main directions of development in the new configuration version "Sales Management":

  • development of functionality, taking into account the wishes of users;

  • simplification of functionality.

The following functionality has been added to the program:

  • separate order report - allows to specify purchases from the supplier or movement of goods intended for a specific customer's order; ensures separate cost accounting for the given order, thus allowing more accurate determination of their profitability; 

  • delivery automation - allows you to plan the use of the company's vehicles to organize the delivery of goods to the customer or between their warehouses;

  • assortment management - allows you to control the assortment of store chains, taking into account stores of different formats, reusable packaging accounting - allows you to keep track of reusable packaging, including packaging received from suppliers and handed over to customers; provides an opportunity for redemption of containers;

  • Debtor control - provides an opportunity to automatically prohibit the execution of an order for customers who are late in paying for the specified limit;

  • bill of lading settlements - provides an opportunity to review the client's debt in cross-section of various separate documents;

  • cost calculation according to the moving FIFO - provides information on the costs that correspond to the inventory of the goods;

  • other options: payment of wages; credit, deposit and loan accounting; automatic setting of responsible persons in printed documents; sending printed forms to e-mails; automated report sending, 1C technical support assistant;

In addition to adding new features, the existing ones were expanded:

  •  cost calculation can be performed without prior entry of documents "Transfer of goods between organizations";

  •  cost allocation is performed automatically;

  •  extended integration with the “Document Flow” configuration: provides the ability to use the “Document Flow” business processes and save files in the “Document Flow” information database, working with the “Sales Management” configuration;

  • expanded workplace mobility opportunities for warehouse workers, provide device support with 240x320 resolution;

  • it is possible to manually indicate numbers and balances for the sale of goods;

  • other options: formatting customs declarations by several numbers; modified VAT accounting, verification of outgoing orders; price list with information on stock balances, etc.

The following improvements have been made to facilitate functionality:

  • several functions have been modified to correspond to the standard work scenario: order formatting as needed, workplace "end of month", label and price printing, inventory recalculation, etc .;

  • additional service mechanisms have been introduced; copying rows between documents;

  • the possibility of disabling unused functions has been expanded: it became possible to disable the status of orders, disable accounting in the cross-section of several organizations and warehouses, disable the distribution by partners and contractors, etc .;

  •  user interface design for simpler and more convenient work: redesigned input documents for initial balances, a catalog of price types, infrequently used settings and catalogs are divided into a separate section for each section and equipped with built-in descriptions, etc.


 You can apply for a product presentation by calling the project manager Alexei Teslov (+371 2 9945847)


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